Top 5 travel pillows for backpacking and camping in 2016

buying Lamictal with no rx This backpacking essential is often one of the most forgotten things to pack. Basically, whilst backpacking you will need to sleep, and nothing gives you a better, more comfortable sleep, than sleep with a comfy pillow.  Thats why a travel pillow is the perfect extra essential you should all pack. […]

GoPro Hero+ (Wi-Fi) 2016 Backpacking Review 2 The GoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi Enabled) is by far our favorite camera for backpacking and traveling in 2016.   This camera provides stunning video at immersive 1080p and 720p, both at 60 frames per second.  Allowing you to record all of your crazy / beautiful adventures in stunning HD.   Not only does this […]