Victor Fernandes | Backpacker Profile

  Name: Victor Fernandes Age: 22 Country: Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil       Thank you for finding the time to speak to us Victor, we caught your instagram feed and thought our readers would love to learn more about you. Could you give us a quick introduction […]

Top 5 sleeping bags / accessories for backpackers 2

We all love and need a good nights sleep, this isn’t more true than when backpacking. After a hard day trekking, shopping, relaxing or partying there is nothing better than a comfortable bed to get into.  Now we all know a memory foam mattress on a king size bed isn’t […]

Steph Renkema | Backpacker Profile 1

    Name: Steph Renkema Age: 22 Country: Canada Occupation: Traveler       Thank you for your time Steph, could you give our readers a quick introduction about yourself? I’ve always had a love for traveling and I am fortunate to have had many opportunities. However, I had not […]

Top 5 water bottle / hydration filter products for backpackers 2

We all need water to survive, there is no getting away from that.  So when we are out backpacking we all need a safe and easy water to get that hydration.  Unfortunately, clean and safe water is not always available depending where you are in the world, that is why […]

Hannah Kynaston | Backpacker Profile 115

  Name: Hannah Kynaston Age: 24 Country: United Kingdom Occupation: Energy Trader         Thank you for giving us your time Hannah, Could you get our readers a quick introduction about yourself?   I have always loved travelling! For me the trip always starts as soon as I get […]

Top 5 safety/security products for backpackers in 2016 1

Your backpack is your home, and much in the way you have alarms and locks on your home your backpack should be no different. Criminals exist everywhere but in many cases just the slightest sight of some type of security on your backpack will deter them.  Here we have our […]

Alizah Akiko | Backpacker Profile

  Name: Alizah Akiko Age: 21 Country: United States Occupation: Student/ Content Developer/ Writer       Thank you for giving us your time today Alizah! Could you get us started with an introduction for our readers please? Only a few years ago I was living a life that wasn’t […]

A Walking Tour of Paris 1

Paris is often referred to as “the smallest big city” because it is essentially walkable. There was many a time when my friends and I walked from one arrondissement (neighborhood) across town to another without thinking twice about it. I could even walk from my 14th arrondissement apartment (way out […]

Ying | Backpacker Profile

  Name: Ying Age: 28 Country: The Netherlands Occupation: Visual Designer       Hello Ying! Thank you for giving us your time today. Could you get us started by giving our readers a quick introduction about yourself?   Hello I,m Ying! I’m from the Netherlands, my origin is Chinese. […]

The realities of coming home from backpacking 1

  Two people, two back packs, nine countries, twelve planes, ten months and then … home. Did that just happen? Did we really just spend the majority of 2015 living our dream, fulfilling our wanderlust, exploring, adventuring, and travelling the world… to now be home?     The harsh reality […]

Hannah & Kieran | Backpacker Profile 4

  Name: Kieran Sandhu and Hannah Sparkes (KHTravels) Age: both 24 Country: UK, London Occupation: Digital Marketer/Business Management       Thank you for your time guys! Could you give our readers a quick introduction of you both?   We are a young couple from London who had come to […]

A trip to Odessa, Ukraine

Well hello fellow travellers , bloggers and others who are planning to travel. I am Aashoo Bohra, 21 from India. I am Sailor (not the one serving the country but on a merchant vessel). First of all I want to thank Backpacker Sanctuary for giving me this opportunity to share […]

Alice Pye | Backpacker Profile 1

      Name: Alice Pye Age: 23 Country: Australian Occupation: Dental Nurse (self-taught aspiring travel writer/photographer)       Thank you for your time Alice, Please get us started with a quick introduction about yourself?   My name’s Alice, I’m 23 and my absolute passion lies in travel, writing […]

5 Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Iran 1

  A visit to Iran is an incredibly rewarding and eye opening experience , however there are certain facts you need to know before you go. The ancient Persian Empire is one of the oldest civilizations on this planet. Domiciled these days in the Islamic Republic of Iran it is […]