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Name: Melissa West

Age: 21

Country: Australia

Occupation: Student





Hi Melissa! Thank you for your time πŸ™‚

Could you get us started with a quick introduction about yourself please?


Born in Australia but happy to call and make anywhere my home. I’m a student nurse back in Australia with one year to go, but backpacking by myself has always been one of my biggest dreams and I couldn’t wait any longer.

So I took a break from my studies, packed up, left and it’s honestly been the best decision and the most incredible experience. I’m loving every second of it.




Where are you in the world currently?


Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been here twice now but still get as excited as I was the first time I came here – it’s such a magical city I love it.


Where do you plan to get to this year?


This years travel plans include Spain in a month, then Sweden, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Africa, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, France and Ireland.


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What has been your all time favorite place?


Ronda in the province of Malaga in southern Spain has been my favourite place so far. I stayed with a small Spanish family at the bottom of the canyon beneath El Tajo.

It was the most amazing cultural experience and even more so when I arrived right in the middle of the annual Ronda festival, Feria Goyesca.

Could you share us your all time favorite photo you have taken travelling?




This is my favourite photo so far of me on top of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France. It was taken on my 21st birthday…definitely a dream come true.


What is your top backpacking tip?


Try not to plan every second of your trip, buy a one way ticket, do some research, have some places in mind whilst keeping an open mind and see where it takes you.


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Which thing should every backpacker carry with them?

– Saying mobile phones isn’t allowed, be creative πŸ˜‰


A travel diary is a must. Photos are great but there’s nothing better than re-reading past diary entries in great detail. It makes you feel as if you’re re-living it.

Do you have any words of advice or inspiration for anyone undecided about travelling?

If you wait until you’re ready you’ll possibly be waiting your entire life, so take a chance and seize every opportunity you can and enjoy every second of the adventure.




What has been your favorite food whilst away?


That’s such a hard question as I’ve loved all the different cuisine from every country I’ve traveled to.

If I had to choose I’d say Paella, there are so many variations to it yet every one in my opinion tastes incredible.




What has been your favorite activity whilst away?


Hiking for sure. I absolutely love getting the opportunity to be even more adventurous an hike up a mountainside or a cliff face. It’s a perfect photo opportunity with amazing scenic backgrounds.




Wow thank you for that Melissa, some brilliant answers there. Β Thank you for sharing your photos with us too! We love your outlook on life and travelling, cant wait to see where you get to next πŸ™‚

If you too would like to follow Melissa’s journey, and why wouldnt you? then please do follow her instagram: @_melissamwest

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  • Trish West

    Just read my daughter Melissa West interview – so very proud of her and impressed with questions and of course the answers – well done Melissa, miss and love you and know you are truly living your dream… Xx