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Name: Janette Aracely Martinez

Age: 26

Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Occupation: Social Media Manager




Thank you for your time today Janette,
Lets get started with a quick introduction about yourself?

I was born and raised in LA.

The three greatest loves of my life are food, animals, and of course, traveling.

If I were rich with unlimited money, I would love nothing more than to be a student for the rest of my life. I’d love to constantly learn new things on a daily basis, have a sweet collection of Bachelor’s Degrees of random subjects, and forever have winter & summer breaks to satisfy my traveling itch in between.

I set a goal, years ago, to travel to all 7 continents by the time I reached 30. I’ve got all but one. I’m coming for you Antarctica!

Janette at the coast



Where are you in the world currently?

I currently live in Sydney, Australia. I took my first solo trip on my birthday in July 2015. I went to China, and somewhere in between those 17 days I was catapulted into a quarter life crisis (best thing to ever happen!). The day I got back, I became obsessed with moving out of LA for the first time in my life. I made the move on November 7, 2015.

A lot of people suggested maybe moving to a different city in the USA or maybe different state as an alternative. “Why switch continents entirely?” they asked. If I’m going to leave my job, home, friends and make such a huge life change, might as well make it as epic as possible, right? Haha.



Sydney Harbour



Where do you plan to get to this year?

Now that I’m living in Australia I want to take full advantage of my proximity to neighboring countries – so on the list is New Zealand, Indonesia, and Fiji. I would also really love to explore the Australian Outback this year!


What has been your all time favorite place?

As ridiculously hard as it is to answer this question, I must say, South Africa.  It’s the only country that I booked a second flight to the day I got back home.  As a general rule, I don’t like repeating countries since I’d like to use my travel budget to explore new places each time, but South Africa stole my heart.


South Africa

South Africa



Could you share us your all time favorite photo you have taken travelling?

This is my all time favorite photo of my travels. Why? Because it was one of the happiest moments of my life – and I am so grateful that it was captured. I really…REALLY I love animals.

Walking with Cheetahs in South Africa



What is your top backpacking tip?

Talk to everyone! It’s truly amazing how much you can learn about the world when looking at it through someone else’s eyes. Sometimes a 5-minute conversation with someone can teach you more than a textbook, a year of study about a country, or a documentary ever could.



Making friend in Oz

It could also unexpectedly lead to you meeting your travel soulmate. I met one of my best friends in China 7 months ago. Before I knew it, we were taking trips to Vegas, LA, San Diego, and New Orleans – all in the span of 3 months. She’ll be visiting me in Australia sometime this year and we’ve been talking about meeting up in Ibiza soon. Can’t wait!




Which thing should every backpacker carry with them? – Saying mobile phones isn’t allowed, be creative 😉

If you can, write a letter to yourself before your adventure begins, so you can be reminded of the reason why you chose to be in that particular place.

Carry this letter with you at all times to be sure you accomplish everything you set out to do when leaving.



Hippo Kisses in South Africa



Do you have any words of advice or inspiration for anyone undecided about travelling?

Go! Just go. The sooner the better.

A lot of people plan on waiting until they’re older and have x amount of money saved, but with each place you travel to, you gain a new perspective on the world, cultures, and life in general. I truly believe that traveling positively impacts people and helps gain a new appreciation for the little things in life.

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of the incredible changes that you go through when you’re abroad.





What has been your favorite food whilst away?

Oh gosh, this is too hard. I’ve loved it all.

On another note: I must admit, I fit the American stereotype in my love for McDonalds and make it a point to try in every country I can. It’s kind of a tradition now. I’ve found that each one taste slightly different.

In my McDonald’s adventures, I discovered the “Deep Fried Banana Pie” in China. *drool*





What has been your favorite activity whilst away?

Getting up at 6am each morning, having breakfast, going on a walk through the African bush with cheetahs while they attempt to catch their own breakfast, followed by hours of safaris, and ending the day listening to the most incredible stories from the rangers.


Meeting a cheetah in South Africa


Favorite travel quote?image025

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.”





Thank for your time Janette, a great insight into your passion and what drives you to travel.

We personally love Thailand McDonalds, the fries just taste better and who can say no to a TRIPLE cheeseburger 😉

You can follow Janette on her travels from the links below, and please do, her Instagram is beautiful.

Blog: Penniless Jetsetter
Instagram: @Janettearacely

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