Hannah & Kieran | Backpacker Profile 4



Name: Kieran Sandhu and Hannah Sparkes (KHTravels)

Age: both 24

Country: UK, London

Occupation: Digital Marketer/Business Management




Thank you for your time guys!

Could you give our readers a quick introduction of you both?


We are a young couple from London who had come to a crossroads in our lives before making the perfect decision to travel the world. After completing our education and working full time, we began to fall into that dreaded cycle of living for the weekend so we decided to make the most of our lives and travel for the foreseeable future and we have not looked back since!




Where are you in the world currently?


After spending the majority of 2015 in Australasia and Asia, we are now back home in London to recharge our batteries and reload our wallets after an extraordinary year.

Where do you plan to get to this year?

We already have plans to go to Dubai, India and Italy but hope to add to that list as we progress through the year.

One thing we learnt while abroad was to be spontaneous so one minute we might be kicking back with a pizza and a beer and the next minute we might be on the next flight into mainland Europe.

Never say never is our motto.





What has been your all time favourite place?

This is a question that has driven us crazy as we never know what to say and never give the same answer twice!

We loved Thailand and Vietnam, however, the Philippines might just shade them both as it is just so diverse and the Filipinos are the kindest and most welcoming people to walk this Earth!

Despite saying all that, we may have to say that India is our most favourite place in the world currently. It’s an odd choice personally, as some days in India we couldn’t wait to get out of the country but there is something so unique and encapsulating about it that you just can’t get enough. India is definitely our Asian addiction and we are so excited to be going back there already.



Could you share us your all time favourite photo you have taken travelling?


Wow, these questions just get easier and easier don’t they!

There are so many to choose from but let’s go for this picture of Whitehaven Beach in Australia. This was the only place we visited which actually looked exactly like the pictures on Google,  a wonderful site, with pure white sand and crystal clear water. As you walk down the hill to the beach you step out onto the beach and find yourself in another world. The Australian officials have done a fantastic job of keeping this place natural, with no umbrellas, beach beds or bars, just you and your senses.

The pose in this picture also means a lot to us, travelling through so many countries we have met a variety of people from all backgrounds. The symbol of a heart being formed by our hands of different origins provokes thoughts of unity and love, two things we are enormously passionate about.




What is your top backpacking tip?

Go everywhere with an open mind and try to accept the different cultures of where you are.

Don’t assume people are wrong because they do things differently, go with the flow. 

Also. If in Delhi, never use the Metro during rush hour, you will be lucky to come out alive!





Which thing should every backpacker carry with them?

– Saying mobile phones isn’t allowed, be creative 😉


Toilet roll.

It is so useful and so necessary on so many occasions. Unless you’re a pro at using the bum gun, toilet roll is your new best friend while travelling.

Do you have any words of advice or inspiration for anyone undecided about travelling?

Going travelling for an extended period of time is a big decision, and one you should take your time to think about.

Many people have always had that fear of losing their job and coming back to nothing, but we went travelling for a year and returned to better jobs than we had before.

You cannot underestimate the value of travelling on a professional level as well as a personal one. You develop a unique set of skills and experiences that people who’ve not travelled just don’t have.

And of course, YOLO.






What has been your favorite food whilst away?


Kung Pow Chicken and Morning Glory in Vietnam was something special, give it a go if you ever find yourself in Hanoi or Ho Chi Min city!





What has been your favorite activity whilst away?


Volcano climbing was a real thrill, we climbed two volcano mountains while away in Bali and the Philippines. Both were still active as we made our way to the summit and there is something special about managing to reach the peak of a mountain and then gazing into a steaming crater containing thousands of gallons of lava which could explode at any time.





Thank you for your time guys and thank you for such well thought out ideas!  We fully endorse the always carry toilet roll tip, one too many cases of Delhi belly and you will see why!

We cant wait to see where you get to next!

If you to would like to follow KH travels on their journey then do check them out! They’re great guys and very active in the community.

Website: KH Travels

Twitter: @KH_Travels

Instagram: KH_TRAVELS



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