GoPro Hero+ (Wi-Fi) 2016 Backpacking Review 2

The GoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi Enabled) is by far our favorite camera for backpacking and traveling in 2016.


This camera provides stunning video at immersive 1080p and 720p, both at 60 frames per second.  Allowing you to record all of your crazy / beautiful adventures in stunning HD.


Not only does this little guy do video but it also packs an impressive 8 megapixel photo camera.  However, our favorite camera related feature here is the ability for you to create timelapse videos, simply set how often you want a photo to be taken, press record, and then as soon as you press stop the GoPro does all the hard work in creating you a beautiful timelapse video, be it of a sunset, you driving along route 66, or simply doing the dishes.  It all looks good!


Burst mode is also present, so say you are trying to catch an intense action shot, simply set it to burst mode, click the shutter and then boom, multiple shots are captured and you pick the best of the bunch later.  Meaning you will never miss those once in a lifetime actions.



Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enables connectivity to the GoPro App or Smart Remote to adjust modes and settings, control the camera remotely, and view and share your content.  This is the best thing about the GoPro for backpackers– you dont need a PC or laptop to upload, the app works with all major phones and allows you to use your phone as a view finder, editor and uploader. It is really well made too!

GoPro Hero+

Durable and Waterproof to 131′ (40m), designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Underwater snorkeling photos anyone!?  Dropped the GoPro out of your backpack? Don’t worry about it, this little thing is surprsingly tough.


GoPro – The fact this is a GoPro camera means that there are so many accessories you can get for this, at surprisingly cheap prices.  Want to strap the camera to your head? theres an accessory for that.  Want to get a selfie? Dont worry there is a selfie stick attachment.  The options you can do with this camera are almost limitless.


The price! These things are going dirt cheap on amazon right now!  We really do recommend every backpacker has one of these cameras in their arsenal, never miss that beautiful photo, hilarious video, and crazy stunt ever again.  This is the camera for you.